Business Professional Portraits

Every Career Professional
Needs a Quality Head Shot


Whether your image is being displayed on your website, business cards, or LinkedIn profile, put your best foot forward with a business portrait.


You know what they say about first impressions; make your online first impression a great one too!



We charge $50 for a professional portrait at your business or home office, $65 if we travel more than 10 miles to your location.


Your photo will be carefully airbrushed to correct minor skin imperfections, taking the emphasis off of blemishes and laugh lines and focusing the viewer's eye on you as a whole. We are cautious to not over-process during editing because this starts to make people look plastic and unapproachable.


Once editing is completed, in about a week, your photo will be emailed to you in 3 formats:

High Resolution for an 8x10 print

Med Res for a half page print

Low Res for Web and Social Media




For staff photos of 10 or more individuals in one session, portraits are discounted at $30 each.